Company Registration in UAE

As we all know, UAE is a primary choice among foreign investors for setting up their Company because of the 100% foreign ownership, saving tax, hurdle-free business process, top-class business infrastructure, e-governance system, high-end lifestyle, and the wide-area of business opportunities.

Business Investors can select from several different types of company registration options that are available in the UAE. Register Business in Dubai is a top-end portal that offers 360-degree help for registering Company in UAE. As per your exact business need and the nature of the business activity, our dedicated experts will assist you with the company's ideal option set up in the area.

Registration of your Company in UAE contains three different categories-

  • Mainland Company Registration
  • Free Zone Company Registration
  • Offshore Company Registration

Mainland Company Registration

UAE Mainland is a home of several different large MNCs, SMEs, retail stores, restaurants-bars, coffee shops, malls, and many more. Brands worldwide are waiting for a golden opportunity to set-up their business in the mainland of UAE. The investors mostly prefer mainland Company Registration in UAE to connect to the global audience and expand in the UAE local markets.

Let's have a look at the significant company forms in the Mainland of UAE.


In the UAE's mainland, The LLC (Limited Liability Company)form is renowned as one of the famous company forms. Business Investors commonly select LLC when there are more than two shareholders (max to 50) and looking to set-up a company in the UAE's mainland.


Experts in counselling, legal, accounting, health-specialists, and many more, can set-up a Civil Work Company in the Mainland of UAE. The proprietor can hold 100% responsibility for the Company's offers. To enlist a Civil Work Company with the Department of Economic Development (DED), It needs to designate a Local Service Agent for a yearly expense to liaise with Government authorities.


Business Investors who have a current office in the Free Zones of UAE or any Company outside of UAE can set-up a Branch or Representative Office in the Mainland of UAE. There are specific requirements and rules for the development of a Branch or a Representative Office. Opening a branch office in UAE is worthwhile business speculation for companies taking a gander at effectively extending to the UAE Local business sectors. Branch Office authority enormous associations to smooth out their business activities across new business sectors and to test the economic situations and crowd reaction before putting resources into a comprehensive development plan. We have all sorts of resources for UAE company registration.

Mainland Business Setup in UAE – Documents Required

A. Initial Approval

  • Registration and authorizing application, just as confirmation of held trademark.
  • Photocopy of candidate's passport(along with home grant/visa details for non-GCC nationals).
  • Photocopy of candidate's naturalization recognizable proof for UAE nationals as it were.
  • No-complaint letter from the candidate's present patron for non-GCC nationals.
  • Photocopy of the chief's passport, and no-protest letter from the chief's present support.
  • Permission from the court to rehearse business, for candidates under 21 years.
  • Approval gave by other Government specialists as per the kind of movement.
  • The Company's Board of Directors goal to buy in to the new Company if the accomplice is a current corporate substance in UAE or abroad (the goal should be authenticated by UAE Embassy/Consulate or by a GCC State Embassy/Consulate and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and appropriately converted into Arabic).

B. Documents Required After getting the Initial Approval

  • Initial Approval receipt - All reports submitted for Initial Approval.
  • Photocopy of office rent, including the plot number.
  • Photocopy of the Memorandum of Association adequately verified by the Notary Public.

Freezone Company Registration

Free Zone Company Registration in Dubai is generally simpler than Mainland Company Formation. Investors like the Free Zones in Dubai for its simplicity of setting up a business, top-notch infrastructure and biological business system.

One of the significant benefits of a Free Zone Company Setup is 100% foreign ownership. There are a large group of other business benefits for a Free Zone Company Registration in Dubai, such as Tax-Free Income, No Customs Duty, and so on.

Documents Required to Freezone Company Registration

Various documents should be translated into English, attested, and notarised by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) or the Arab Embassy.

A. General Documents

  • Duly filled application license form
  • Business card of the contact individual
  • Copy of field-tested strategy
  • Notarised and confirmed Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Passport copies of the accomplices and business supervisors
  • Original bank reference letters and license of the accomplice's current Company, if pertinent.

B. Documents for Consultancy License

  • A photocopy of the degree or diploma certificate mentioning the ideal activities, or the experience certificate [any of these records is a must]
  • Documents for Industrial License
  • Business attainability study
  • Existing Company profile
  • Duly filled form for the financial backer's task profile

C. Documents for Branch of Companies

  • Attested copy of the registration certificate, consolidation certificate, and the Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA).
  • Original Board Resolution that ensures monetary responsibility of the branch.
  • Original authority of Attorney of a legitimate agent, and their passport copy.
  • Last 3 months' bank statements of the parent company.

Offshore Company Registration

Offshore Company in Dubai is a legitimate business substance shaped for encouraging global exchange. Offshore Companies are enrolled as International Business Company (IBC) and are out of the UAE's neighborhood business purviews and Legal frameworks.

They fall outside the extent of VAT and UAE Customs. Nonetheless, Offshore Companies are not qualified to exchange the neighborhood UAE market. Generally, globally trading Companies, holding Companies, counselling administrations, financial property backers, and so forth register for Offshore Companies.

Offshore Companies are not qualified to apply for any Residence Visa for their representatives. Opening a ledger is conceivable, however tedious, because of exacting consistency checks.

Offshore Company Registration in Dubai is secure and offers the financial backer a ton of advantages, for example, charge investment funds, benefit bringing home, unfamiliar possession, and so forth.

A. Documents Required – for an Individual Shareholder

  • Passport copy of the relative multitude of Shareholders
  • Proof of Residence - Utility Bill
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • Business Profile of the Shareholders
  • Suggested Name of the Offshore Company
  • Suggested Activities of the Offshore Company

B. Documents Required – for Corporate Applicant

  • Certificate of enrollment of the Company validated by UAE Embassy/Consulate in the nation of origin.
  • Certificate of Good Standing of the Company attested.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • Board goal expresses the foundation of an Offshore Company, the appointment of Directors, and the Registered Agent appointment as the Company's Legal Representative.

Company Closing in UAE

Company Closing in the UAE must be managed high significance to avoid any future problems with Company re-enlistment, home visa handling, ledger opening, etc.

There are many companies enlisted in the UAE, causing weighty fines because of not starting the Company conclusion methodology consenting to the legal guidelines of the UAE. The Companys that have not followed the end techniques the correct way could confront boycotting and confront barricades while applying for another permit to operate later on. Closing of a Company in the UAE is a very much organized strategy that is ideal to be executed by banding together with an accomplished Business Consultant.

Documents Required

Company closing in UAE technique is a well-defined set of steps. It includes many supporting documents, report readiness, and clearances that are to be gotten along the interaction. When all the reports are submitted and reviewed by the specialists, the License Cancellation Certificate will be given to the Company by the concerned authority.

Documents Required for Liquidation of Company in The UAE

  • Business License Copy
  • Memorandum of Association
  • The authority of the Attorney (if any)
  • Shareholders Resolution
  • Shareholders Passport Copy
  • Emirates ID Copy
  • De-registration Application Form

Documents Required to obtain the Final License Cancellation Certificate

  • All the above documents
  • Company Liquidation Audit report
  • Newspaper copy of Company Closing Advertisement

Clearance to be received from the Concerned Government Authorities

  • Immigration Department
  • Labour Department
  • Electricity and Water Departments
  • Telecom Authority ( DU or Etisalat)
  • NOC letter from Landlord
  • Bank Account Closure letter

Company Closing in Dubai by and large takes around 60-65 days, of which 45 days is the Notice Period after the distribution of Company Closing in the UAE nearby News Papers to get No Objection from outsiders. Then, any remaining documentation and clearances are to be gotten. The following stage is the Audit report readiness by the Company. Lawful firms and the Registered Auditing Agency can set up the Audit report submitted to the concerned experts for review.

Company Closing in the UAE Freezones

Company closing strategies in the Freezones shift and rely upon the concerned free zone authorities where the Company is enlisted. There is no necessity of delegating an Company outlet for starting the Company closing techniques in the Free Zones. The Company can directly approach the Free Zone Authority or any business consultants to finish the process in the ideal way.

  • For closing a Freezone Company, the representative visas and the work grant must be cancelled.
  • Employees are to be offered a 2 months’ notice period before firing their agreements.
  • Then the Company needs to cancel all the utilities and telecommunication services. Gather the NOCs and continue with the Company closure application.