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Register My Business in Dubai is a registered platform where one can get the details of setting up the business. We have a team of professional experts who can handle company formation service and allied businessmen services in the UAE. We ensure a seamless company formation process in the UAE for our clients.

Our great portfolio includes Incorporation of Companies & Obtaining Trade License and all Legal documents, Trade Mark registration, Tax Residency Certificate, Corporate Branding, Accounting & Book Keeping, VAT services, , Visas for Owners and Employees, registration with Chamber of Commerce, PRO Services, ISO Standard Certification Consulting & Banking Assistance.

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As a one-stop solution, we offer comprehensive service of business setup in Dubai that help anyone to establish their business in UAE

Client Testimonials

These companies release their own versions of the operating systems with minor changes, and yet always.

George Adamso


I had a very positive experience, and their team is friendly, responsive and cooperative. Company formation was done efficiently and smoothly, and all the formalities/paperwork were professionally handled. Great Team!

Phet Putrie


This was my first experience of setting up my own business in UAE and I am glad that I came across Register Business in Dubai to set up my business. The expert guided me through the whole process and explained.

Mick Aston


I would highly recommend RBD for the license and business set-up. It was a hassle-free process. Great service. Understands the customer's needs, RBD!

Thomas Bateman


Register Business Dubai has exhibited the highest level of professionalism and effectiveness through its best advisory. Highly recommend them for the business set-up in UAE.

Kumar Dhrmasensa


RBD has been at the forefront in Dubai, acting as a partner and facilitating new entities to set up their business here. Highly appreciated the team, Their expertise, domain knowledge.

Mukund Anand


RBD is a great platform to get the best assist to set-up Business in UAE; they provide great support in all areas to help and establish the business for new entrepreneurs.

Frequently Asked Question

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How can I set up a business in Dubai?

To start a business in Dubai you need to obtain a business license . There are three types of business licenses mainly. Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore. The procedure for each type of license differs. Primarily business set up in Dubai involves the following- Initial approval from the competent authority, for initiation of the business. Legal and official approval from the authority after thorough verification of the documents. This includes the investor’s identity, qualifications, resident status, financial stability and so on. The authorities will also ascertain the feasibility of the business by examining the official and commercial space, AOA and MOA, the basic structure of the organisation etc.

Are there any legal complexities for setting up a business in Dubai?

The laws of the land in the UAE have been prepared considering ease of investment. The authority carries out the procedures and legal formalities in a quick manner. Hence, you do not have to wait too long for commencing your business operations in Dubai/ UAE.

Can you tell me the visa requirements for business and employees for company formation in the UAE?

The visa requirements will depend on the type of business formation. A mainland company will require a resident visa for the management and other responsible members. Then only you can recruit employees to your company. The size of the Free Zone company will be evaluated by the governmental agencies prior to issuing a visa for its staff. An offshore establishment holder does not need a resident visa.

What are the advantages of setting up a business in Dubai?

Dubai welcomes investors with open hands. One of the most developed cities in the world, business in Dubai offers unparalleled possibilities. The tax regulations, legalities and other official norms are formulated in such a manner to support the investors. The extremely well developed and planned infrastructure gives you ample possibilities to prosper.

Is open trading possible in Dubai?

Yes. In fact, Dubai promotes open trading with 75% of products imported are tax exempted. It also gives tax-free operations for Free Zone companies. The trade policy exclusively developed for supporting businesses is conducive for the growth of small firms also.

Benefits To Start Business in Dubai

Growing & diverse economy,Great tax benefits,Low import duty,Legal framework,Easy availibility of manpower,Investment support and promotion by the government,Strategic geographic location,Quality lifestyle and culture of excellence,Visionary leadership,Double taxation avoidance agreements of UAE,Free trade agreements,Strong & competitive business market,Multicurrency bank accounts,100% repatriation of profits,Open trading hub and more...

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